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Beat Sore Muscles with Omega-3s!

By July 10, 2019Education

Summer heat brings with it many fun and exciting things, but a less enjoyable experience throughout the season is dealing with muscle soreness. With many wonderful activities, ranging from morning walks and afternoon swims, to baseball games, rounds of golf, and evening bicycle rides, it can be hard for our bodies to keep up with it all, especially if we weren’t active during the winter. Seasonal hobbies and sports can bring with them many aches and pains, but you can stay healthy and active with Omega-3s.

Omega-3 fatty acids, when consumed from eating fish or through supplementation, have been known to have anti-inflammatory properties to relieve joints and muscles from the aches and pains of activity and overuse.  According to studies by the European Journal of Applied Physiology, “an acute dose of high-EPA fish oil” may boost functional following exercise induced muscle damage(1), meaning all of the unexpected soreness you may experience from those fun summertime activities doesn’t have to leave you on the sidelines. If you are supplementing or eating a good amount of Omega-3s every day, you’ll be up and at it again in no time. So get out there, be active, and take Omega-3s!

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