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For your mood, heart, and immune health: Three good reasons to get enough omega-3s

By October 2, 2020Education

Everybody needs the omega-3s EPA and DHA for good health. Getting 1,000 mg EPA and DHA omega-3 per day is a great daily amount for most everyone!

Here’s some reasons why:

  • Feeling moody? The American Psychiatric Association recommends those of us challenged with mood and anxiety stressors get 1,000 mg EPA and DHA or more, per day. Supplements that contain both EPA and DHA, but relatively more EPA, have proven most effective for mental health. And give it time. It takes at least 8 weeks for omega-3 to make a difference (because it takes that long for levels in your body’s tissues to change!)


  • Got a heart? It needs omega-3s for smooth blood flow, smooth heart rate, and to support healthy blood pressure levels. Consuming at least 500 mg per day is globally recommended but 2,000 mg EPA and DHA or more per day is best for most of us, especially if fish isn’t on your regular menu.


  • Looking to fortify your immune system? As essential nutrients that reside in cells throughout our body, EPA and DHA help regulate and manage processes that support healthy immune function, healthy lung function and heart rate, cellular balance, and more. “Essential” means that we need them; like vitamins, omega-3s are nutrients that we need but our bodies can’t make. Getting EPA and DHA daily supports general immune function.


The only way we get omega-3 is from our food and/or supplements. Fish, especially oily fish such as salmon and sardines, is a great source of EPA and DHA, and so is purified fish oil, or vegan alternatives. The important thing is to get it regularly and get enough. It’s a great step towards optimal health for you and your family.

Gretchen Vannice is the Director of Nutrition Education and Research for Wiley Companies.  She is a nationally recognized expert, author, and speaker in omega-3 research and education. 

Disclaimer: This information is offered for educational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice of any kind. The educational information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease nor has this been reviewed or approved by the FDA.

Scientific references available upon request.