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Wiley’s Finest® Earns Coveted 2-Star Superior Taste recognition for Two Superior Tasting Products

By January 26, 2021News

Having not just one but two products receive two gold stars from the prestigious International Taste Institute is reason to celebrate. Receiving the remarkable honor for two different formulas is continuing proof of Wiley’s Finest® efforts to deliver the finest, best-tasting products for our customers. “Exceptional quality taste is something we never take for granted, but strive to be worthy of every day,” said Sam Wiley, Chief Eater of Omega-3s (CEO). Wiley’s Finest® CatchFree™ Omega Full Spectrum Omega 3 Liquid and Summit DHA™ products were both awarded 2-stars by the some of the world’s leading sensory experts at the International Taste Institute.

The brand, recognized in the US, UK, & select global markets for its exceptional quality Omega-3 supplements, works tirelessly to exceed sensory expectations and produce the world’s best tasting Omega-3 supplements. “When our family founded Wiley’s Finest®, we did so with the commitment to make exceptional quality, sustainable EPA & DHA Omega-3 supplements,” said Wiley. “We also established early on an in-house team of certified sensory experts. We knew with better tasting products, consumers around the world would find it easy to increase their daily intake of omega-3 supplements, leading to the ultimate benefit of improved health.” The taste awards continue to reinforce the freshness of Wiley’s Finest® products. Last year, Peak EPA was tested in an independent peer-review study to have the lowest TOTOX out of 23 leading brand products in both natural and mass market1.

CatchFree Omega wins Superior Taste Award

‘Plant Powered, Algae Awesomeness’ is how Wiley’s Finest® CatchFreeTM Omega Full Spectrum Omega-3 liquid is built from the first drop. The formula, certified vegan by the UK’s vegetarian society and non-GMO by NSF International, combines over 2300 mg of fish-free Omega-3s, including 500 mg DHA Omega-3, with 25 ug of Vegan Vitamin D3 per serving to support your heart, brain, and overall health and wellness.* The formula proudly features a unique blend of exceptional tasting Algarithm™ Algal DHA Omega-3, unique next generation Omega-3 plant sourced Ahiflower®, and Vitashine™ vegan sourced Vitamin D3 from lichen.

Summit DHA wins superior taste award

Wiley’s Finest® Summit DHA liquid oil formula is specially designed to nourish your brain.* The convenient lime-flavored supplement can be taken by the spoonful or added to cold food and smoothies providing a fresh hint of lime.  Summit DHA made from sustainable wild Alaska Pollock offers a highly concentrated serving of 2,140 mg of DHA and 460 mg EPA in every spoonful. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an important Omega-3 fatty acid needed through the body, but especially in our brain and eyes. Since it is difficult for the body to produce enough DHA from a land-based diet, consuming DHA through supplementation is best.

About International Taste Institute

Since 2005, the International Taste Institute has evaluated more than 15,000 products from around the world. Their jury of prestigious Chefs & Sommeliers and strict tasting methodology have contributed to making the Superior Taste Award, the most renowned independent certification worldwide, 100% focused on TASTE.

About Wiley’s Finest®

Although the Wiley’s Finest® brand is relatively new, its family’s roots run deep in manufacturing and distillation of high purity ingredients.

The Wiley’s Finest® point of difference is clear. A new generation of fish oil users has emerged – people who see fish oil not just as a generic ‘Omega-3’ supplement, but as seafood. People who demand a product to not only feature a high-concentration of EPA & DHA or science-driven formulas, but also to be traceable and sustainable. The company has become a preferred choice by many of the nation’s leading independent health food stores and National specialty retailers such as Sprouts Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods Market, and The Vitamin Shoppe. In 2020, Wiley’s Finest® expanded their offerings beyond expertly crafted fish oils to include fish-free omega nutrition in their vegan product line CatchFree Omega, and targeted health journey support for both vision and cholesterol health through its Bold BenefitsTM product line.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.