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All of our Wiley’s Finest fish oils are sourced from sustainable, USA wild caught fish, caught by US registered vessels in American waters. Our fisheries management system is regulated to protect the environment so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of Alaska fish.

Our Wiley’s Finest fish oils not only feature high concentrations of EPA & DHA with science driven formulas, but are also traceable, sustainable, and American-made.

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Wiley’s Finest® Wild Alaskan Fish Oil was born in 2012 with a mission to bring Personal. Sustainable. Potent.™ Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements to customers who value a made-in-the-USA, certified sustainably caught source.

Although the Wiley’s Finest® brand is relatively new, our family’s roots go deep in manufacturing and distillation of high purity ingredients. We’re proud that our family has been manufacturing since 1981 — over 35 years of Excellence in Fine Distillation.

We’ve taken off like a rocket, becoming the natural health food channel’s Fastest Growing Fish Oil brand and a preferred choice by many of the nation’s leading independent health food stores.

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Eating seafood is a key part of a balanced, healthy diet.

If you don’t eat fish every day, you should consider an OMEGA-3 fish oil supplement.

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I have been taking fish oil supplements for several years now. These are by far the best. They contain higher levels of both EPA and DHA than my old brand, in substantially smaller pills. My husband usually refuses to take any supplements, but he got into these pretty quickly. They are easy to swallow, high in valuable fatty acids, and don't give my husband the fishy burps he used to get. They're manufactured by a family-owned company with sustainably-sourced fish. Five stars!


Sustainable Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Caught in Alaska

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Caught in Alaska by American Fishers

Caught throughout the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, the Alaska Pollock fishery is considered by many experts to be one of the best managed worldwide. Alaskan fish are synonymous with American fish, accounting for more than half of all wild caught fish in the U.S.

Purified & concentrated by American workers

We are experts with decades of experience. Wiley’s Finest is made with AlaskOmega® (a registered trademark of Organic Technologies), the Wiley family’s Fish Oil bulk ingredient brand. AlaskOmega® is a recognized global leader in high quality Omega-3 concentrates.

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